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How to Ride a Bike—And Other Things my Father Taught Me

1) Fearing someone is a necessary part of loving them. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you will find someone who will tolerate loving you.

2) Never rely on anyone for comfort. The person who wipes away your tears can just as easily be the person who causes them.

3) Food is a weapon.

4) Hands are weapons.

5) Your own vulnerability will be used against you as a weapon.

6) These weapons will be used to harm you until you don’t know the meaning of the word “weapon” anymore. They will be used to harm you, repeatedly, even after an apology. Apologies can not be trusted. As such, weapons should be avoided at all costs.

7) Pain is sometimes a necessary punishment for bad behavior. If there’s no one around to hurt you for what you’ve done, then you must hurt yourself.

8) How to ride a bike.

9) How to recognize the constellations.

10) How to build whole worlds with just your words.

11) The person who taught you these things deserves all of your trust.

12) The person who deserves all of your trust will violate it again and again. And you will give it to them again and again anyways.


Daddy Issues Revisited (hopefully, for the last time)

Hey there folks. So. This is gonna be a rough one.


“I Deserve to be Raped” Signal Boost

So, I was on tumblr last night scrolling through my dash when I came across this video. I found it to be really powerful and an excellent (if a bit ranty) social commentary, and I consider this video to be a very important story.

There is a massive trigger warning for this video concerning sexual abuse, slut-shaming, and rape, so please watch at your own risk.

(there are no disturbing images or visuals in this video, it’s just her talking into the camera)

I am absolutely disgusted by the things people are posting in the comments of this video, which again could potentially be triggering so I am not going to post them here. If you want to subject yourself to the awful, misogynistic vitriol some of these bastards are spewing from their keyboards, then you can go and do that yourself.