Aaayyyeee fam

So, I’m publishing another book of poetry. A better one this time, since I wasn’t working to a deadline, and it won’t just be a kindle edition—it’ll be a real, live, beautiful physical book that you’ll be able to buy at loads of different retail sites! I just wanted to mention it on here to gauge what people’s thoughts would be, and see if people would be interested in buying/reviewing. Let me know!!!


A quick comment

Please don’t expect me to be really returning to this blog. A good deal of it makes me cringe. I’m still very active in social justice communities etc, but good god, I was a pretentious 14-yo. My “About Me” page kinda makes me wanna die, honestly. I just didn’t want anyone to think I was dead tbh.

Benny—Little Game

Hush boy, hush boy don’t say a word

Throw on your jersey, no one gets hurt

Hush girl, hush girl, just bat your eyes

Play our little game, play our little game

This video is pretty powerful. Not to mention it was a teenager who came up with the whole thing. Most of the time I’m not all that into music videos, but this is definitely worth watching.

A Bonus for the Fundamentalists

I doubt any of you are still reading this, but if you are, here is the shirt I wore a few nights ago when I went to a see Panic! at the Disco:


It’s from Hot Topic if any of you want one of your own. 😉 P!atD was a great show by the way, it was definitely worth both the money and the drive out there (out where? you’ll never know) and I highly recommend going to see it if you like their music and you’ve got the chance.

Oh, hey…

Okay, so, before you all go unfollow me in droves, please know I am alive and well and plan on returning to the blog as soon as the spirit moves me. I actually have a bunch of posts fully written out that I just haven’t typed. I’ve just been feeling really really mentally blah lately. I’ve barely been writing at all–not just blog posts, I haven’t really been writing much of anything. I don’t know why. I also haven’t been commenting on or liking anything, because I haven’t been reading much of anything lately either.


I have not abandoned this blog by any stretch of the imagination. I’ll still try to respond to comments should they arise and I still check my email that’s connected to this blog every couple of days. So if anyone needs to contact me please feel free. I’m really sorry about what I think amounts to my longest absence ever. I swear I’ll be back as soon as I stop feeling so shitty.

Happy June First

Sorry for the supreme lack of posting lately. There’s been a lot going on in my life that I’m not really ready to discuss at this point but know that I’m alive and well(ish). I will be back soon and believe me when I say that I have not abandoned you all. If anybody comments on a post I will make an effort to read and respond. I have a few posts in the works and I hope to get back to this little community soon.


I hope everyone is doing okay. Happy June first and good luck to everyone who has upcoming exams ❤