Maleficent was Freakin’ Awesome

I was thinking of writing a full-on review of this movie but there’s nothing for me to say that hasn’t been said before and better. For reasons best summed up by Farla of Dragon Quill, this movie was fantastic from both a social justice standpoint and a general one, and I would absolutely recommend it.

(the fact that the text is highlighted there in red means that it’s a link and you should go click it)

I have an actual post in the works right now, so stay tuned lovelies ❤


Carrie and The Phantom of the Opera

This is really random, and I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of this, but I was recently watching the old version of Carrie and the 2004 adaptation of Phantom and the parallels between them hit me.

Both titular characters are social outcasts.

Both titular characters have mothers who abused then as children, and both were abused as children (at least, if you’re going off some adaptations of Phantom).

Both movies involve themes of womanhood and the growth of sexual maturity, though they’re handled quite differently by each.

Both movies can be seen as coming of age tale concerning a teenage girl (though they’re both rather twisted, I personally think they both qualify).

Both movies also have running themes of the severe psychological toll ostracism can have on an individual.

Both movies’ titular characters finally think they achieve acceptance only to have it torn away from them (the pig’s blood dropping in Carrie and Christine ripping off the mask in Phantom), and for both characters it’s their final breaking point.

This was really random but it was just something I noticed recently. I’ve got a new post in the works but until then, have a great spring break to all those who are currently out of school, and happy almost-Easter to all those who celebrate 🙂

P.S. If there’s anything I missed (and I’m sure there is), let me know in the comments 🙂

Shailene Woodley and Biphobic Reporting

This morning I was searching for news about the Fault In Our Stars (you know, the book where John Green manipulates everyone into thinking he’s a good writer by writing about something that is emotionally triggering for literally everyone? Yeah, that one.) and I came across this article. When I saw the title Shailene Woodley Admits to Being Bisexual I was pretty excited. It’s always a huge leap forward whenever a prolific actor or actress (well, prolific in the teenage community at least) feels comfortable enough to come out to the world. You never would’ve seen this in my mom’s day–and with all the homophobia in this country, it’s still pretty rare now. But the more I read the article, the more disgusted I became.

Thoughts on Catching Fire

While I do think that Jennifer Lawrence is a wonderful actress and looks great with dark hair, and while I think that she did a very good job of playing this character, there is a problem.

She’s white.