Higher—A Story About Playgrounds

I remember you used to push
on the swingset
higher higher higher
so high I could see the
rose garden down the pretty path
I’d laugh and scream and you’d push
far too hard
but I wasn’t worried about falling
because you would’ve caught me,
I thought

and one day the park was
coated in snow and I wanted
just wanted I just wanted
to go sledding
but you pushed me
too too too hard and I couldn’t walk
for days from the pain
of crashing so fast I never even saw it coming

but it wasn’t on purpose.
you just loved to push
higher higher higher
and I loved the love
that your attention
felt like but never was

you loved to push me,
but the steel chains all broke inside and then, when
you stopped,
I needed to find my own high, so I

I pushed and pulled until there was
not much left of me
and then suddenly

I was your playground and I
was the one pushing and you
were only taking yourself
higher higher higher—

you buried me in that rose garden.


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