Memoirs of a Guardian Angel, by Sophia Hudson, to be Released this April!


It’s really, actually, 100% happening!

So, I’ve been writing this for my sophomore project. It’s been an incredible ordeal–well over a year now since I started writing–and I’m still not quite done. I don’t work well to deadlines! However, the project is due mid-April, so I’m really and actually going to finish it.

The two cousins have been best friends since before they could even talk. They do everything together, and have shared in every part of each other’s lives. One can’t imagine life without the other. But when one of them tries to take her own life, they must question everything they know about each other and their lives—and to decide if it’s even worth it to try.

God, that’s a bad synopsis. But, this is entirely a solo undertaking (aside from my project advisor and a few friends who were gracious enough to edit for me) and synopses are by far my weak point. This is a book of narrative poetry, entirely written from real life events (although it’s all fiction as far as my classmates are concerned). The names of people and places have been changed, of course, but this is about as true to me as it’s gonna get when it comes to the internet.

I will be self-publishing this within the next couple of weeks. It’s probably going to be 2.99 on the kindle store. It can also be purchased by anyone with an iOS device (on the app) or anything android-powered. Even if you can’t pay for it, I’d so greatly appreciate just downloading the free sample and maybe recommending it to your friends if you like what you see. If anyone would be interested in reading it beforehand (for free, of course) in order to leave a review on amazon, I’d be forever grateful. I’d even make you a physical thank you card.

I feel like I should be making some excuse for the lack of posting lately, but honestly, life is exhausting and I’m full of apathy. Seriously, does it come as a surprise to anyone that I’m scrambling to finish an entire book two weeks before it needs to be published?

Thank you all. I’ll be in touch soon with an excerpt a bit before I self-publish 🙂

(and thank you so much to featherdancer on the Nanowrimo forums for making the beautiful cover)



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