Wow, I suck

If I gave every one of my readers a quarter for every time I’ve been away for too long with no explanation, I’d have roughly negative seventeen-trillion dollars.

I’m really sorry. School’s just….really hard. Especially chemistry. I’m probably not going to get accepted into any of the colleges I want to get into because my C+/B- in chem messes up my GPA so much. The teacher grades double/triple/quadruple/etc jeopardy on all of her homework assignments, so I get Fs on every single one. Homework grades are also weighed heavily. Even though I do relatively well on tests, the best I can manage is a B. I have a 0.1% chance of being accepted to most of the colleges that I’ve been dreaming of because of chemistry. That bums me out.

I was also out sick for a week and a half at the beginning of October, and it really messed up my grades. This is also the year that we have to do our Sophomore projects. Life sucks.

I keep trying to sit down and write some brilliant, meaningful blog post and then I just can’t. I feel like I don’t really have anything intelligent or relevant to say lately. If anyone is at all interested in guest blogging, now would be an optimal time.

I suck. A lot. And I apologize to all my darling readers. Sorry.

Model UN is going well. Babysitting is cool. Orchestra and private violin is going great. Speech and debate is going absolutely fantastic for me. NaNoWriMo is so far better than I ever could have hoped (although it is only the second day). Life is still happening, quite a lot of it actually, I just haven’t felt as though I’ve got anything insightful to say about it.

If people comment on old posts, I’ll still totally take the time to respond. If you need to email me (and I don’t know why you would, but if you do) I still check my wordpress email relatively often. I’m absolutely not, like, abandoning this blog or anything like that. WordPress is far too precious to me. I just haven’t felt as though I’ve for any thoughts worth writing about lately. If anyone’s got requests for posts (I can’t imagine what they’d actually be) then you can leave them in the comments. That’d be super neat-o. Like I said, guest posters would be absolutely fab right now.

I love you all. Good luck in all your Word-pressing ❤



  1. You don’t suck, you’re just spreading yourself too thinly. How can you do so many extracurriculars? Are you working on a 28 hour/day clock?

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