School has started and while I knew everything would go to shit, I wasn’t quite prepared for the major onslaught of anxiety. So, to cheer myself up (and, hopefully, all of you) I hereby present to you:

The Childhood Works of Sophia Hudson

The first story I ever wrote was titled “I Am Fire”, which was about a girl who wishes for her birthday to…well, be fire. For those who can’t look at the images or don’t want to, I’ll type it up here. It’s long(ish) but if you have the time, it’s so funny. I even broke it up into chapters for you (most of them are about a setence long) and I typed it EXACTLY as it was written. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them. I really implore you to read this; I can’t imagine it not brightening someone’s day.

I am fire

by: Sophia

1: the candel Hi I’m Morisa. When I was A Kid I Wished I was fire. I’m grown-up Now, But when I was 5, my mother lit the candels, I Made A, Wish that I was fire!

2: The Wish. The Next dat I Noteist that My bed was Alittillbit burnt that was, snoking! But the smoke detecter was not beeping I remembered mom had Not Yet switchd the Bateries!  when I AtE brecfast the next morning I ascd Dad for Plian tost And it was but wen I tuchd it it burnt but Mom Noteist, Nothing it was then I relisd My wish came true!

3: truble. that After NooN Mom SiAd  HAS Your BirthdAY wish came true I SiAd Yes! Wat, Was it it was that I could be fire MoM was shockd.

4: the bad NeWS. MoM Was Stil standing there stund And siAd You could Burn the House down. Mom diled 911 on the phon And siAd stAY there to me.

5: I Am fire. I New I wasant soposto BUT i ASKd MOM if oteside was Better? She Siad Yes BUT Befor I went ote side I told MoM thAt It is only the things I touch Burns But Mom SiAd You Still could Burn down the House Now Just Go Ote-side so I did.

6: Ote Side: when I Got ote side I DiD find some Grass still left Even thoe It was Nerely WiNter! I was very HaPPy Be-cas, maybe If I Roled for A long long tine then I Stopt And Tuoched A old log It berly bernd so I Roled Agen And tuoched the Log and I worked.

7: Cant get in: Mom was in the Basement And, She Was By an open Windo Andi It was very cLose to me so I siAd MOM I put ote the fire MOM I siAd Nothing It was then I Notusd She had walkd away.

8: MoM comes BaCK: But JUST then MoM came back to the window, and I siad: “MoM” “MOM” “I” “PUt” “Ote” “My” “WiSh” ! MOM said sty there I’ll see If you’re hot.

9: Just ten!: MOM said you’re ten Whats that mean I asked? It means MoM said wish is put ote! Just ten can I go InSide I’m hungry? MoM, said yes then we laphed and laphed and after that evrything went right.

the end

SoPhia SaiS:

I rote this book becas I thogt It wold tech kids not to Play With fire.

look for other books abot fire saftey; comign soon! stay low and go, never qlay with Matches, and the fire god.”

Okay. So, that was a rollercoaster for everyone involved. I hope you enjoyed (I know I did!!). If anyone actually, like, looks at this and has fun with it, I’ll post the second story sometime tomorrow. It’s about a boy and his magical flying dog—pretty heavy stuff.


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