You—yes, you!

Write a guest post for me. Please. This blog is getting lonely and I could really use some added perspective. Among the dozens and dozens of posts there are only two written by someone other than me. And while I admit that I’m a genius fully deserving of internet fame, sometimes I get tired of reading my own stuff 😉

I’ll take basically anything—personal stories, original fiction, social commentary, video game reviews, whatever I find even mildly interesting. I’m going to be away camp counseling for two weeks with no internet access and I need a few posts to fill those days (not that I haven’t gone for that long without posting, because I totally have. It’s just that those were conscious decisons not to write whereas I know the second that I’m not allowed near my phone will be the second that I suddenly feel the urge to wordpress).

Send me an email with your idea for a post (or without an idea, honestly I don’t really care at the current moment) to and I’ll shower you in rainbows and happiness and unfortunately not real money because i have none of that at the moment.

For reference, here is a list of things on which I have limited knowledge and that I need other, smarter people to talk about:

1. Everything
2. Literally everything
3. No seriously even though I pretend not to realize it I’m so naive and I really just want to be friends with all of you cool smart internet people

p.s. I’d be glad to return the favor of a guest post 😉

p.p.s. If I don’t get any replies to this in a few days, we’re all gonna pretend it never ever happened. Capice?


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