The End of an Era

I received, this morning, a final email from Robert Stacy McCain.

Quod erat demonstrandum — “what was to be demonstrated,” that is to say, the proof is self-evident, or “I’ve made my point.”
Yes, my dear Robert, you’ve made your point and I’ve made mine. I don’t think either of us did much in the way of swaying the opinions of the other, but you certainly gave my intellect a workout if nothing else. So thanks for that.
Anyway, it would be unseemly for me to continue the badminton game, volleying back and forth with a high-school kid, however precocious. It’s been fun, and I hope you bear no ill-will for my habit of arguing unfairly.
Yeah, I agree. I think both our sets of followers are probably getting a bit up with this. Speaking of followers—you need to keep yours contained. I’m up for a little healthy debate but some of them crossed the line (a.k.a. when someone called me a vagina/soon-to-be-suicide statistic) and I don’t know if that’s something you condone.
Thanks, also, for the traffic. It was really something to behold. Last night I passed my all-time record for views in one day. So that was definitely something to celebrate (for me, at least).
Also, you gave me an opportunity to show my sarcastic side which doesn’t get to be seen much. I’m sure the people it was directed at didn’t appreciate it much, but hey. I amused myself even if no one else found it amusing.
My cynical sarcasm can be confusing to people who aren’t accustomed to it, and I shouldn’t be surprised at being misunderstood.
I’m not sarcastic, I’m just cynical. But, yeah, I was confused and taken aback at first. After I got into the rhythm of things, I had quite a bit of fun with the badminton match. Again, some of your fangirls crossed a line there, but pretty much everyone was good-natured about it. I got to talk to some interesting people if nothing else.
And it’s not so much that I misunderstood you as that I have trouble comprehending your belief system—not necessarily my fault or yours, just a fundamental difference that it’s hard for me, personally, to reconcile. Somewhere in the back of my naive mind I at least hope I gave you a new perspective on things.
Take care.

Same to you, my good sir
~Sophia Hudson


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