What Christian Apparently Means

Here we go again, guys! The previous post (with the links to all other involved posts) can be found here

The post which I am replying to can be found here

The blogospheric badminton continues with Sophia the Teenage Feminist who, having made a point of bringing up her theoretical “bisexuality,” now objects to this topic being discussed critically.

Or sarcastically, for that matter.

I don’t object to the topic being discussed critically. I object to people personally attacking me and my identity. I fully respect the idea that my sexuality is “theoretical” since I haven’t really experimented yet. I can respect calling my bicurious if that’s your cup of tea. What I can’t respect is this idea that I’m “bicurious” because I’ve never had sex with a girl, yet the little Christian kids who haven’t had sex yet aren’t “straight-curious”—they’re just virgins.

OK, congratulations, you got my attention. Under the topic of “heteronormativity” (!!) I found she referenced an occasion when she and her friends were “messing around” with a Ouija board, which became the theme of my post, An Omen of the ‘Mystifying Oracle’?

To this she responded here and also here, and then I responded this morning with “The Precocious Feminist Replies.” This afternoon, while I was watching the World Cup final (damn those Germans), Sophia the Teenage Feminist responded yet again and, among other things, wonders if calling her “precocious” was intended as an insult.

You can’t blame me for thinking it might’ve been an insult. It’s not a word I hear or see used often, and you weren’t exactly going out of your way to be nice to me.

Okay, but really, why are you so hung up on the fact that I used the word heteronormativity? It was one fucking time. And besides, I thought we’ve already established that I’m precocious? People are saying my writing style is so good that I might not even be real, and I’m not allowed to use the word heteronormativity? I’m sick of this. I’m going to use all the big words I want.

No, it was a mere description of someone who is intellectually advanced at an early age — a prodigy, the Mozart of feminism, as it were.

How many kids are slinging around the word “heteronormativity” in high school? Precocious. Her prose style was impressive enough that some of the commenters here suspected her blog to be elaborate hoax, i.e., an adult pretending to be a teenager. Precocious.

She is “upper-middle class,” she takes dance lessons, and her creepy ex-boyfriend “goes to a gifted goddamn school — from which I deduced that Sophia the Teenage Feminist also attends this school for the gifted, which explains her own intellectual precocity.

“The Mozart of feminism.” I like that. Can I use it as my new tagline?

Sophia the Teenage Feminist does, in fact, go to a gifted school. I am among the most gifted at said gifted school (unlike my ex) so now that we’ve cleared up the fact that I’m smarter than most of you people, we can get on with the rest of this.

(and for the umpteenth time, I used the word heteronormativity ONCE, get over it)

[Here there is a Latin phrase which Google Translate is telling me means “as required.”]

Having established the plausible veracity of her biography, so that we can presume she actually is a high-school student, we now proceed to Sophia’s latest volley in the badminton match:

At the age of eighteen or nineteen I hope to be studying Sociology at Columbia [University], far away from my asshole dad and my ambitionless ex. I hope to be dating a nice guy. I hope to be having the time of my life.

(Green Day allusion? Never mind. The reference to Columbia generally fits her “upper-middle class”/”gifted” profile.)

It’s not a Green Day allusion, actually, though I find it interesting you caught that. It’s a great song.

What does the fact that I’m upper-middle class or a genius (yes, I’m calling myself a genius here because I apparently have to be one to use the word heteronormativity!) have anything to do with…well, anything?

I am in fact bi on a theoretical basis. . . . But if you can say my sexuality is only theoretical, then aren’t all the good little Christian boys and girls only theoretically straight? This is heteronormativity in action, folks.

(Very clever. When you view the world through an ideological prism, no fact can disprove or discredit your ideology. A word like “heteronormativity” sets up a tautology, so that argument becomes impossible. It’s like trying to argue with a Marxist who insists that your criticism is a product of “false consciousness.”)

Heteronormativity. Why. Why is that word so hard for you to just let go. I used it once, and you know what? I fucking know what it means. All it means is our society’s messed-up belief of assuming everyone is straight. Hetero–meaning one, in this case the prefix of heterosexual. Normativity–ideology which claims how things should be, and what is right and wrong.  Just the fact that you saying heteronormativity is a tautology displays how pretentious and ignorant you are! It is not right to assume everyone is straight because not everyone is. There are men who are disgusted by the very sight of a vagina. There are women who would rather die than touch a penis. There are people who don’t fit the gender binary at all and therefore can’t  be heterosexual because there’s no opposite sex for them to be attracted to!

Oh, but wait, I forgot. The whole “god loves all his creatures” thing only applies to those creatures which are Christian and white and straight and male—priveleged in every sense of the word.

Have I been less than civil? I didn’t call you by name because — hello? — “Sophia Hudson” is a pseudonym, as you say yourself. Is it my job to “validate [you] as a person”? What does that even mean? Never mind. Here is her response to one of my points . . .

Alright, you got me there. A lot of my general rudeness is directed more toward your commenters than to you—however you are allowing those comments to take place. Like, seriously, who in their right mind calls a fourteen year old girl (or anyone, really) a vagina? Also, my actual first name is Sophia which I’ve said about a trillion times now. The pseudonym is there for a reason, but as far as you’re concerned? It’s my name. Good that we’ve got that cleared up.

Validating someone as a person, at least where I’m concerned, means treating them like a human being and acknowledging that on some level they’re the same as you—which some of your commenters certainly have not been doing. Look, you were just genuinely trying to warn me that I’m possessed by demons. But then I got called all manner of awful things in the comments. I seem to remember someone mentioning a forced Baptism and someone else said my parents were “liberal weenies”—for Christ’s sake, this isn’t very Christian of you all now is it?! Not to mention incredibly immature.

And by the way, I am not Elliot fucking Rogers and I don’t see any parallels you speak of. I’m not going to go out and murder a bunch of women because they wouldn’t sleep with me. If you think I’m going to then you can go fuck yourself because I am about 99% done with you all.

Here is her response to one of my points . . .)

Oh good lord. I don’t even know how to respond to this because it is stupid on a deeper level than anything I’ve experienced. . . .
I could go on and on for years about why this is so end-all ridiculous but in the interest of not beating a dead horse, I’m just going to keep my mouth shut for now.

Well, what was this incredibly stupid point of mine? It was this:

Given the direction our culture is heading, one can imagine a scenario in which anyone who rejects a homosexual advance – “No, thanks, I’m straight” – is accused of being a homophobe, so that society is effectively divided into two groups: Gays and Haters.

Fine, would you like me to explain it? I will beat the dead horse if that’s what it takes to get you to just listen to me. The very idea that homosexuals are the devil’s playthings created to prey on the straight is a Christian construct with little to no basis in reality. Saying that you’re straight doesn’t make you homophobic. It’s not like these so-called homosexual advances actually occur very often.

But you know what does happen? Children getting bullied because they’re gay. Children being beaten by their parents because they’re gay. Children getting murdered because they’re gay.

Don’t even try to tell me that you are somehow the one who gets the short end of the stick here when kids are losing their lives over your bigotry and hatred and the bigotry and hatred of the institution which you are a part of.

And wasn’t this the whole point of Sophia’s Ouija-board story?

When the “Mystifying Oracle” indicated Sophia’s same-sex interest — gosh, I wonder how that happened? — her girlfriends were shocked and this, Sophia tells us, proved “they’re homophobes who are terrified of girls being in love with them.” What would have been the appropriately non-homophobic reaction, Sophia?

Oh, for fuck’s sake. The point of the Ouija board story (which, I repeat, was only mentioned in passing) was that my friends got really really uncomfortable because of the nebulous and possibly untrue notion that I could possibly be sexually involved with a girl sometime in the future. Maybe you somehow misinterpreted my story and thought that I came onto them? Or that I was flirting with them? Well, I wasn’t.

My issue was the same that I told you in just the last few paragraphs. This idea that homosexuals—or anyone not heterosexual, for that matter—are inherently sexually predatory is a myth. It is enforced by our media and pop culture (that one episode of AHS: Murder House comes to mind) but rarely actually occurs.

I am not saying it doesn’t occur—it’s just that I’m just a lot more likely to be raped or beaten or abused by a man than by a woman. Sorry to burst your bubble.

At my time of posting this, only a few comments have been posted, and there is only one which I would like to directly address.

I think Bob Belvedere is right, this young lady is redeemable. Sophia, you are obviously very bright and articulate. The age of fourteen should be the beginning of ones intellectual journey and most definitely not the end. Good luck to you.

If being redeemed means becoming a part of an institution which is obtuse, hateful, bigoted, and toxic, then you can count me out. I guess I won’t be saved when the rapture comes (or whatever huge cosmic event it is that you guys are yelling about this month) but at least I’ll never be a conservative! 🙂


When I was 17 I was the smartest person on the planet. I knew everything and had all the answers. It wasn’t until after I graduated college that I realized how little I actually knew…

But leftists are interested in teaching kids what to think rather than how to think. And once indoctrinated, little mush-filled brains need a serious jump-start to get started again.

Repeating the leftist mantras is simply so much easier than thinking…

I replied to this one on the actual site itself:

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, my “mantras” are actually hugely different from those of my parents. I’m not repeating anything; these ideas are, for better of for worse, my own.

I also find funny the implication that conservatives totally aren’t teaching their kids what to think. What kid under the age of, say, ten, would actually go to church of his or her own volition? Give me a break.

Another edit:

I responded to a lot of comments over on the page (here’s the link again if you’d like it). This one, though, I just couldn’t resist commenting to on my own turf.

Best of luck to you. The commenters here are not your enemies and in time you will realize this.

Calling me a slut, and calling me a vagina, and a Satanist, and saying I need to be baptized, and saying my anxiety is caused by fucking demons, and calling my parents “liberal weenies”, and all the other things that’ve been said—really, that doesn’t seem inimical at all to you?

Alright man. If you can really and truly say that none of y’all are my enemies…kudos to you, my friend.

I don’t know if I’m really expecting a response to this post but I’ll be keeping an eye out for one. I’m very invested in this.



  1. It seems like your understanding of Christianity is somewhat superficial, perhaps essentially non-existent. Study something before you reject it.

    My children routinely ask me to take them to church-related services and meetings. I don’t force them to go. They go because they want to.

    And your understanding of sexual predators may be equally superficial. In that regard, I am happy for you. Nobody should have to deal with that problem at a young age. But I have encountered far more homosexual predators than heterosexual ones. And the ones I have known were serial sexual abusers, abusing scores of children.

    And I think you would improve your writing if you found alternatives to the “f-bomb.” You would be surprised to learn how many alternatives there are to the “f-bomb.”

    1. Alright, you’re being fairly kind and pleasant here so I’m going to try and reign in the frustration that has built up due to people who’ve commented before you on the subject of my understanding of Christianity.

      I have been to numerous Bible Study sessions, church services, and participated in communion (although I guess the fact that I didn’t believe means my communion was simply a falsehood, just going through the motions). The services I attended were at a church which is the very antithesis of progressive, so my view of Christianity may be a little bit skewed by that. But I know enough of it to know that it is not for me.

      And if your children ask to go to church all the time, then I want you to know that I genuinely think that’s a beautiful thing and I think it’s amazing that they have such strong faith so early in life. It’s something I’m rather unfamiliar with and I think it’s great.

      Also, I like to think I know a bit more about sexual predators than I do about Christianity (though if you couldn’t tell by now, I obviously know absolutely everything 😉 ). Over the course of doing research for my blog posts and for school essays, I come across a lot more articles and statistics pertaining to sexual abuse than I do pertaining to Christianity.

      Lastly, I am swearing because I am angry and frustrated, but I assure you that I swear all the time as part of my regular speech and that I’m not cursing just for the sake of it (that probably makes it worse, actually, but whatever). I feel that swearing tends to shock people into listening to me. This obviously isn’t actually the case, but hey. As all of you keep saying, I’m young. I’ve still got plenty to learn and I never said that I didn’t.

  2. There are a lot of tangents that this could go but I’ll focus on one. You may prefer to focus on something else, and it is your blog after all.

    Not sure what you mean by church not being “progressive.” You’ll have to explain that a bit more.

    But in my opinion, church is about many things including worship, learning and exploring God and the scriptures and fellowship with Christians. Others may have other opinions and this list isn’t exhaustive.

    Christianity is first and foremost about a relationship with the creator. It is about exploring and understanding something greater than us. It is about “Truth” with capital “T.” Of course, you may not even accept the concept of “Truth” and that is another tangent.

    If you get caught up in “religion” you will probably get distracted from Christianity.

  3. Hi, Sophia. This is off topic, but I couldn’t help notice that you were being attacked by R. Stacy McCain and “Paul Krendler” as collateral damage to get to me. I am a lefty blogger who is being sued by right wing blogger WJJ Hoge for “Copyright infringement.” It is a vexatious, malicious complaint made by a man who has filed 367 criminal charges against me, all of which were dismissed. Now that he has run out of state’s attorneys here in Maryland who will listen to him, he has moved into the District Court arena with these bogus Copyright Claims. His goal? Knowing that I have suffered from Parkinson’s disease for 14 years, he wishes to run me to ground, aggravate my illness and hasten the day of my total disability and/or death. Krendler is also involved in the suit, but only in my CounterClaim.

    You should know that this is a vast band of right wing bastards who will hurt anyone they have to hurt to get at me. MY crime is believing that Brett Kimberlin, the “Speedway Bomber”, served his time and should be left alone to live as a law-abiding citizen. This right wing cabal, once headed by the late Andrew Breitbart, cannot allow that to happen. And they don’t care who gets hurt, whose life or reputation gets destroyed, or what damage is done to a person’s health to accomplish their goal of putting Kimberlin back in jail for imaginary crimes, and to kill me in the process as a side bonus to show their might.

    You won’t get a decent explanation from Krendler. But I invite you to visit my website, http://funnyparkinsons.com for more info.

    And, if you’d like, I would welcome your friendship on Twitter and/or Facebook.

    Keep up your important work.


    1. Hiya!

      Honestly, I think Stacey’s interactions with me were purely unrelated. We’ve just been engaging in some (mostly friendly) internet sparring, or blogospheric badminton as he calls it. It’s mostly just been an interesting and entertaining couple of days. I don’t, however, know what’s up with Paul Krendler—I’m keeping a safe distance from him. He struck me as…well, something, that’s for sure.

      I’ll check out your site later today (I’m on mobile right now with limited reception) but I’m just going to stay out of the situation for the most part. I don’t think my getting involved in the legal matters of adults would do any good for anyone.

      I have neither a Twitter nor a Facebook. However I do appreciate you reaching out to me, and if you ever want to talk you can email me, or comment on any post if you feel it warrants a discussion. I try to make sure to respond to all comments, no matter how old the post.

      Thank you again, and I wish you the best of luck with everything 🙂

  4. I haven’t gone back to the beginning of the match, but the “gays and haters” line reminds me that some straights feel like victims bullied by the gays. Getting through to them that this is not happening is like convincing a young earth creationist that the world is billions of years old.

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