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Alrighty then. Let’s get going with this.

Okay, first of all, it’s titled “The Precocious Feminist Replies.” I’m still uncertain as to whether precocious is meant as an insult! I don’t know if I’ve ever heard it used as such (I just rarely hear or see it used at all, honestly) and I’m (unnecessarily) confused.

The Ouija-board girl has written a lengthy response including this:

I’m totally with you on the idea that radical feminism is a f–king disease which needs to be eradicated. It’s what gives feminism a bad name and is quite frankly bulls–t. Glad we could find something that we really agree on. However, I’m not a radfem. I don’t think penile-vaginal intercourse is rape. I don’t think men are inherently evil, and I don’t think women are inherently good.

Oh. Then she’s not really a feminist. Yet. On the other hand . . .

“The Ouija-board girl.” I’d love it if you actually used my name. You’ve already identified me as the Precocious Feminist; anyone who has read the original post will understand that Sophia Hudson=Precocious Feminist or won’t get it at all.

ˈfeməˌnizəm noun: feminism
the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.
Don’t you dare say that I am not a real feminist. All I want and all I wish to fight for is equality; I don’t want men to become our slaves, I just want to know that when I enter the working world that I will recieve equal pay. I want to know that if I ever have a daughter she will not grow up terrified to take a bite of food, doing everything to please others instead of herself. I want to know that people will not treat me as if I am subhuman because they think (know) they can push me around and no one will stop them. But I guess that’s all just a bit too much to ask for.

How many times to I have to drill this into everyone’s heads—I am not a radical feminist. I do not hate men. Just because the only men I talk about are the ones with whom I have bad relationships doesn’t mean I don’t talk to others. And again, I do not think women are inherently good just by virtue of being female, which is (if you knew what the hell you were talking about) a radical feminist belief.

Women can be evil (capital-E-Evil if you prefer) and men can be capital-G-Good; if I was a radfem I definitely wouldn’t be saying that. Although I guess it’s all the same to you.

Okay, let’s get something straight right now.

(No pun intended, I’m sure.)

Bahahahahahahaha, there wasn’t any pun intended but that was pretty great. You have a certain sense for the comedy of things that I just don’t. Kudos to you, friend.

I don’t know what surprise you thought I was referring to (the surprise of the fact the board worked, maybe?) but I was referring to the surprise that I’m bi. So, yeah, my friends were in fact really surprised, because they’re homophobes who are terrified of girls being in love with them. Just wanted to clear that up for ya.

It was clear to me all along. However, I didn’t mention in my blog what the Ouija board said about her, because pursuing that tangent might have required another 500 words I wasn’t in a mood to write. So I merely alluded to it indirectly, remarking that “it is admittedly weird to discover a high school kid writing about ‘heteronormativity.’” Yet she seems to wish to discuss it further. Very well, then . . .

Oh for goodness sake! It doesn’t matter if it’s fully obvious to you, it matters whether it’s obvious to your readers which it obviously was not. You are writing for an audience, remember? An audience which now thinks my friends are the spawn of Satan.

Let’s see: She’s not old enough to get a drivers license, but is already (a) questioning heteronormativity, (b) professing her own bisexuality, and (c) condemning her friends as homophobes.

If she keeps traveling that trajectory, where will she be at 18 or 19? Considering her expressions of disgust with her ex-boyfriend and her resentment of her father, doesn’t it seem possible that her disdain for males might become more generalized in the future?

Let’s see: She’s not old enough to get a driver’s liscense, but is already (a) more educated than most adults, (b) experiencing sexual attraction toward people of both the same and opposite sex, oh the horror, and (c) simply saying that my friends are a product of our culture just like the rest of us are.

At the age of eighteen or nineteen I hope to be studying Sociology at Columbia Law, far away from my asshole dad and my ambitionless ex. I hope to be dating a nice guy. I hope to be having the time of my life.

My disdain for males will not become generalized because I judge people for what they do, not for what they are. I don’t have any issue with someone until they start being an asshole to me.

But wait — this is crazy!

Her self-declared “bisexuality” is purely speculative, a matter of imagination. Her situation illuminates the problem with how young people are now being indoctrinated to think about sex. All this chatter about sexual orientation and gender identity emerging from academia and promulgated in pop culture is profoundly confusing to many young people. A teenage girl whose “sexuality” so far has been limited to some clumsy kissing and fondling with her ex-boyfriend nevertheless identifies as “bisexual” on what we might call a theoretical basis. This identification then qualifies her to denounce her girlfriends as homophobes because they “are terrified of girls being in love with them.”

In that context, isn’t “homophobe” just a synonym for heterosexual?

Alright, you got me there, I am in fact bi on a theoretical basis. (although let me tell you, that kissing and fondling didn’t stay clumsy for long 😉 ) But if you can say my sexuality is only theoretical, then aren’t all the good little Christian boys and girls only theoretically straight? This is heteronormativity in action, folks. Although since you seem to be hung up on the idea that I’m too young to use this word which I, by the way, totally understand, I’ll put it in teenager terms.  “Everybody straight. Nobody LGBT. Me like drugs and party and sex. Hur-de-dur-durrr.”

Is that better for you?

And you know what, maybe I’m being unnecessarily rude here (okay, more like definitely) and you know what? I don’t care at this point. I tried to be civil, but you can’t even call me by name or validate me as a person because of my age.

Given the direction our culture is heading, one can imagine a scenario in which anyone who rejects a homosexual advance — “No, thanks, I’m straight” — is accused of being a homophobe, so that society is effectively divided into two groups: Gays and Haters.

Nor is this a problem we need only imagine in the distant future. We can see how this attitude is already beginning to take hold among teenagers. The precociously “bisexual” feminist at Please Excuse My Vagina may indeed be an omen of the liberal future.

Oh good lord. I don’t even know how to respond to this because it is stupid on a deeper level than anything I’ve experienced.

The very idea that homosexuals exist as the devil’s playthings to prey on the straight is a fuckinglie. It is a concept created by our heteronormative (oh, am I not allowed to use that word?) society and it’s dead wrong. I could go on and on for years about why this is so end-all ridiculous but in the interest of not beating a dead horse, I’m just going to keep my mouth shut for now.

What we’re seeing is a sort of intellectual trickle-down effect. Radical ideas developed in academia take hold in popular culture and are transmitted by the education system to school children. Concepts that were once merely theorized by Ph.D.s are, in a diluted and vulgarized form, made the basis of lifestyle experiments for teenagers. It’s like how Timothy Leary started experimenting with LSD on students at Harvard and MIT in the early 1960s and then, flash-forward about a dozen years, I’m tripping on purple microdot as a high-school junior in Douglas County, Georgia. (Just say no, kids!)

Ideas developed by our intelligentsia operate this way, which is why I took notice when I saw this teenage feminist slinging around a $5 word like “heteronormativity.”

Seriously, before today I’ve used the word heteronormativity maybe two or three times? Just as I’ve talked about the physical aspect of my sexuality (aka my period stopping because I didn’t weigh enough for it to occur) maybe once or twice, and just as I mentioned using a Ouija board once in passing—you people are getting hung up on the littlest things. Argue that I’m not a feminist, fine. Argue that I’m only “theoretically bisexual.” Fine! Argue that I am possessed by fucking demons and that’s why I have anxiety and a shitty parent and an abusive ex. Fucking fine.But if I hear one more time that my age invalidates what I’m saying then I am going to lose whatever is left of my mind!!!

Okay. Rant over for now. Onto the comments.

And why can’t she make her own choices as long as she accepts the consequences?

It is her life after all.

You think you have a better way? Fine. If she doesn’t accept it, what will you do? Write a strongly worded letter to her parents? Demand that she be thrown in one of those reparative wilderness camps? Hold her at gunpoint for reprogramming?

If she isn’t allowed to make the choice, is it really her choice?

Even if it’s “for her own good?”

This girl wrote some things on a blog. Is she calling for the subjection of all things male? No. Has she committed a crime? No. Has she threatened someone? No.

In your eyes, all she has done is sin by thought. And by the tenants of YOUR faith, you don’t get to judge her for that. You can only forgive.

Can you tell me that you would be a better person if someone else had made your choices for you?

You. I love you. You’re my new best friend. Except, you know, not actually, because you probably wouldn’t like me much. But thank you for this.

I am asking some honest questions, keeping in mind that she and her friends are 14-15.
– have these girls ever been to mass? Christian worship?
– have they ever really studied the Bible? And I mean STUDY, not quote some stuff out of context.
If the answer to these questions is “no,” how can they say that Christianity is wrong? Isn’t that like me never having been to Antarctica, yet telling a guy who goes there every year on scientific expeditions what it’s like?
Doesn’t this bias against Christians make them Christophobes?

I have been to pretty much every religious service under the sun, multiple times (except, before you get any ideas, that of the Church of Satan). Cara is Jewish. Chloe and Anne are Catholic and Christian, respectively. I have loads I have been to communions and Bat Mitzvahs and mass and Bible Study and Torah Study. Get that into your heads, I have communed with Christ. I have drank the wine from that nasty germy cup and I have eaten the bread. I have sang the prayers of Judaism and I have even read the Quran. Part of my liberal, accepting upbringing was reading the Good Book cover to cover. My grandma even has a graphic novel adaptation which I still enjoy. Just because I can’t quote scripture doesn’t mean I haven’t read it.

Can’t she just start sleeping around, like most girls with Daddy issues.


It appears that her anxiety and depression inhibit her interest in, or opportunity for, such activity — and thank goodness for anxiety and depression. Otherwise, she might get in real trouble, rather than just sharing her feelings on the Internet.

It amazes me that so-called adults can act so childishly. If you want me to start sleeping around all you have to do is drop a hot lesbian on my doorstep and I will gladly act out the effects of my “daddy issues” to whatever extent I see fit.

Also, I could totally be having sex right this very minute if I wanted to. Those non-virginal, drug-addicted teens that you fear oh so much? Yeah, I know and talk to loads of them on a daily basis. The deciding factor here? I’m not fucking stupid.

I suppose it’s possible that a 14 year old could compose some of the things on that blog. Nonetheless, I have my doubts that the creator of those pages is genuine. There’s a sophistication in her prose which is, to say the least, atypical of adolescents. Query whether her blog is an elaborate scam? It wouldn’t be the first time.

Ha. Hah! Hahahahahahahaha!

Here is the picture of me from my about me page:


Here is a picture of me from just yesterday wearing a Nirvana shirt at the mall (rock is the devil’s music, after all):

Displaying photo.JPG

And here is a picture that I just took right now of me flipping you off:

Displaying photo.JPG

I do not show my face in pictures (or hide it behind sunglasses) because I have had experiences with stalkers on the internet before. Also, as someone with anxiety who is afraid of literally everything, I’m terrified that some God-crazed Christian will come banging down my door one night demanding that I either pray or get my head blown off by his rifle.

If that’s a weird fear to have, then call me crazy.

I do, however, appreciate you saying that my prose is too good for my age. I’m choosing to take it as a compliment. I’ve been writing stories since the time I could toddle, so naturally I’ve gotten to be pretty good. Refer to this post if you want to know more.

The thought also crossed my mind. The Ouija board scene seems like something from a novel.

On the other hand, if you read her posts in chronological order, the content generally seems like a spontaneous account of personal thoughts and experiences. So I’ll take it at face-value: She is an intellectually precocious high-school student.

Again, I write stories in my spare time. I have mastered the art of making my prose entertaining. And does it really read like something from a novel? It was a few sentences long and, I repeat, just mentioned in passing.

Also, is precocious meant as an insult because I really do not know??!?

Talk about crazy, she seems to be of a schizophrenic mind as to whether her liberal raised “non-asshole” friends are really just that.


“So, to any of my real-life friends who have the (mis)fortune to be reading this post, please try not to worry that I have a crush on you. You’re probably not my type anyways”

So, add a lot of conceit (she is just too hot for you), she appears to be dabbling in homosexuality just as she dabbles in the occult.

Given also her casual promiscuity: “I see myself as will-make-out-with-and-or-bang-anyone-who-is-attractive-and-willing.”

So, she is pre-promiscuous, she obviously will be one of those girls who sleeps around, but will cry “rape” when the guy does not call her back.

It is clear her problems are very deep, a mentally ill slut with fantasies about death and the willingness to politicize that mental illness.

If she survives, she will be a foot soldier in the war on America.

You know what, I am too hot for you. I’m too hot for all of you. Call me a slut if you want but at least I’m more free than you assholes.  Also, great job passing off rape as a petty female trick. You’re really on a roll here man. (This comment, by the way, is from the same person who yesterday, instead of referring to me as a human being, called me a vagina/soon-to-be sucide statistic. Real classy).

Alright. That is pretty much all the main comments that have been posted at the time of writing this. If I see anymore that catch my attention then I might respond to more.

Your move, conservatives 😉



  1. You’re “ambitionless ex”. Lol! That’s kind of harsh when one 14 year old is directing it toward another. And what were you expecting out of your average 14 year old boy? Hate to break it to you, young feminist, but it also smacks of gender discrimination.

    1. No. No it doesn’t. You do not know him the way I do. He literally wants to stay in my shithole of a city and work in his dad’s barbershop for the rest of his life. He doesn’t want to go to college and he doesn’t want to make anything significant of himself. He and I are polar opposites in that regard.

      This is where the fact that I’m so young comes through—as much as I wish I didn’t, I have a gaps in my self-awareness and my awareness of others. The subject of ambition is one of those gaps. I realize that it’s totally fine for someone to want a simple life if that’s what makes them happy, but a lack of ambition is something so completely alien to me that I can’t help but dislike it.

      So, yeah, you got me there. I’m a teenager. Oops.

      1. “He literally wants to stay in my shithole of a city and work in his dad’s barbershop for the rest of his life. He doesn’t want to go to college and he doesn’t want to make anything significant of himself.”

        I think you’re being too judgmental here. What’s wrong with wanting to follow in the family business? What’s wrong with wanting to cut hair? It’s honest work and it’s money honestly made. The world would be better off with more barbers and less sociology majors.

        Believe me, college is seriously overrated unless you’re in one of the STEM majors. You run the risk of coming out more stupid than when you went in.

        1. Alright, I’ve said this before in more nebulous terms so I’ll say it here more concisely, once and for all.

          I detest Chris. He is a person who has caused me a great deal of emotional pain and physical discomfort. Call it petty, but I want to see him fail. I probably wouldn’t be impressed unless he became an astronaut or the leader of a small country. And even then, if he ever asked my opinion, I would probably tell him he didn’t go to cool enough planets or that said country wasn’t big enough. I’m just that kind of person, I guess.

          Combine that with the fact that I’m a very ambitious person with (as much as I hate to admit this) a fairly limited amount of self-awareness. The fact that I have a pretty strong sense of my own identity, for whatever reason, often results in me tending to look down on those that I consider too different than me. It is a personal character flaw. I’m working on it, and it’s not really the place of a group of conservative adults on the internet to help me work on it.

          (fun Sophia fact: of my many anxieties, social anxiety has never, ever been one of them. When asked why, I tell people it’s because I think I’m vastly superior to everyone else. Am I saying it sarcastically? The world may never know.)

          So, yeah. Basically, I have no disdain for hair cutting or keeping up with the family business. I think small business is hella rad (there’s some teenager-speak for ya). What I do have, however, is a strong disdain for my ex-boyfriend.

  2. He’s only 14! Yeah, your age really shows here. How many 14 year olds have either a clue , or their life planned out at that age? And speaking as a college grad of a well known Northeastern university, college is totally overrated. Give the kid a break. And it smacks of discrimination in the sense that because he’s male he should be held up to a certain standard when it comes to ambition. Do you treat your girlfriends like that?

    1. Yes, actually, I do. Some of my girlfriends have no idea what they want to do with their life and it pisses me the hell off. I never said it didn’t make me an asshole—again, I’m fully acknowledging my obvious gaps in awareness. But a lack of ambition just angers me, and in some cases even disgusts me. Again, I never said that’s right but it has nothing to do with gender.

      Pretty much everyone in my circles, including myself, is going into the tenth grade next year. We will be applying to colleges in ONE YEAR. It disturbs me when people my age have no idea what they want to do. Or, worse, know that they want to do nothing.

      Again, I am acknowledging that this is a personal flaw. But to say it’s gender discrimination is quite frankly ridiculous.

      1. Oh boy! Going into the tenth grade! You better have it all mapped out! It’s ironic that due to such rigid social standards, patriarchal ones I might add that you wouldn’t want applied to you, you’re destined to wind up with the exact kind of male asshole that all feminists claim to despise. Perhaps it can all be explained as “daddy issues”? Lighten up, sister. The road is long.

        1. What exactly makes me destined to “wind up with a male asshole”? The fact that I have ambition?

          What the actual fuck are you talking about?

          Look, I said it already and I’ll say it again: It’s my own personal shortcoming that I’m pissed off by someone with a lack of ambition. But it doesn’t have any goddamn thing to do with the patriarchy.

          And my daddy issues don’t have anything to do with my ambition at all; I’ve wanted to be a lawyer since I was eight when we talked about the justice system in Social Studies. If you’re going to come into my space and attack me, at least make some fucking sense.

      2. Over emphasis on career is part of the construct,(that what makes it patriarchal. those are essentially male standards) and the one that you claim to be fighting against. You then turn around apply that standard to others, and judge them on it. Got it? Good. You’re not as clever as you think you are, and quite frankly your rebellion is bullshit. You’re a social robot, and a frustrated Daddy’s Girl. Those guys over at RSM have every reason to mock you.

      3. Even your supposed bisexuality, which as they pointed out was purely theoretical, is a lame pose constructed for you by forces you do not even remotely understand.

  3. You’re right, I don’t know you.

    But sometimes I do the reluctant advocate thing. You looked like you could use a hand when RSM did the second post this morning. I didn’t know you were still reading that site.

    They are good people, mostly. They just have certain blind spots.

    1. Sorry, I don’t recognize your username. Were you one of the people who commented on RSM’s posts, or have I interacted with you in some other way? I’m really sorry, it’s just with everything that’s been going on I forget what I say and what I don’t.

      That’s the main thing that frustrates me. Most of them are just people who are talking about their own honest truth. Kind of like me. And that’s why it’s so hard to reach a common ground, because all of us think we’re right and no one is respecting the other side.

      Well, I at least started out respecting y’all, but then someone called me a vagina and someone else said I was like Eliot Rogers. So forgive me if I’m acting a bit rude.

      And you know what, RSM just genuinely wanted to warn me that I’m possessed by demons. I can respect it. I can’t really understand it, but I can respect it.

      1. Pardon, I am called NeoWayland.

        I’m not a conservative Christian, I’m a libertarian pagan. One of the reasons I hang out at RSM’s place is because sometimes they go after people who can’t speak for themselves.

        That and I really can’t stand RSM’s cousin, even if he is a Senator from my state.

        I thought you handled yourself very well yesterday.

    2. Oh, hey! Yeah, I really appreciated your comments. This one in particular, however, I wanted to address:

      “I’ve read her blog too. I don’t think she’s a feminist. I think she’s using the language and ideas she’s been taught to examine the world. I think she’s found that she doesn’t have THE answers.”

      I will admit that in my early days of understanding social justice (long before I started this blog) I was mostly just parroting ideas that I’d heard that sounded right to me. But I can honestly say now I’ve deviated a lot from the blogs, books, and people who have helped me learn what to believe. I can hold my own in a debate against the very people who taught me. Much of my opinions and ideals are nearly unrecognizable from that of my parents, especially from my dad. He’s a liberal in the strongest sense of the word. He goes on crazy, hate-fueled rants about how “the Catholic fuckwads are destroying our country.” It’s disrespectful and ridiculous and something I don’t want to be a part of.

      My only aim is to spread what I believe to be the truth. Maybe I haven’t found all of THE answers yet (it says so right in my bio that my opinions still aren’t fully solidified) but I really hope you understand that I am well on my way to becoming firm in my beliefs.

      I want to thank you again for standing up for me, and for being critical in a respectful way.

      1. I should have been more clear. One trap that happens at RSM’s place fairly often is lumping all first, second, and third wave feminists into one group, and then pointing out some of the most radical versions of the third wave as something that must be fought.

        You know, for the kids. *grins*

        That’s not my fight, and yes, some of those ladies deserve what RSM dishes out.

        From what I’ve seen though, that’s not you. You deserve a chance to discover who you are.

        You’re welcome. And since it’s a bit creepy to have a forty-mumble year old guy hanging out reading your blog, I think I’ll take my leave. But I want to leave you with a quote (and yes, I’m vain enough that it is one of mine):

        “Go tell three really dirty jokes. Share a piece of fruit with someone you can’t stand. Cuddle with someone you care deeply about. Leave the place a little nicer than when you found it. And greet the sun when it wakes up.

        “No, that isn’t all that there is to be a Pagan, it’s just a taste of how to be a better human.”

        — NeoWayland

  4. Can I ask why working in a barbershop for the rest of one’s life somehow translates to “unambitious”? It’s a profession, maybe not as glamorous as being a lawyer but from the perspective of a high school teacher, a 10th grader who has ANY idea of what job they want does not deserve to be called unambitious. Save that for those who have decided to do nothing. Not people who choose a job that you feel is beneath you, not those who simply haven’t committed to a course of action (they may be cognizant of the reality that most people end up somewhere different than they thought at age 15) but those whose idea of a life plan is collect welfare, get on disability, live on food stamps and section 8 housing, and entertain themselves with video games and weed.

    There was a time when I would have thought anyone who claimed such people exist had to be making it up. There was a time.

    Anyway, beyond your questionable definition of unambitious, if you acknowledge your attitude is a shortcoming, why not change it?

    (To the people who assume this writer must be faking her age–while I’ve seen that happen, I’ve also interacted with some even younger who are simply articulate beyond their years.)

    (To Ms Hudson–while I suppose “precocious” could be meant as insult, it certainly is’;t one on the actual meaning of the word. Being told you have abilities at a young age normally found in those a good deal older hardly seems like a biting put-down, unless it’s meant as sarcasm.

    I tend to avoid it because it’s not a great idea to tell a young person that their exceptionality is their youth, since that has no option but to eventually go away.)

    1. Okay, the thing about the barbershop—I detest my ex. Like, really detest him. I have a considerable amount of bias against him so I probably wouldn’t be impressed unless his goals were to become an astronaut or the leader of a small country or something.

      With that in mind, I still find the idea of not going to college and getting even a basic degree both ridiculous and impractical. He wants to work in a small business—fine. Small business is great and our country is built on it. But trust me, I know this kid, and he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. Without practical skills he’s going to go nowhere. More small businesses are going under day after day and he’ll have nothing to fall back on.

      I realize it’s probably crazy of me to be projecting so far into the future, but part of it is also that I would love the idea of this guy who hurt me so badly growing up to have no future to speak of. A fair part of this is just petty anger, which I’ll admit to having. I’m a teenager. It happens.

      And don’t get me wrong, I’m trying to change my outlook on ambition (or lack thereof). I fully realize that it’s a personal flaw of mine. I’m working on it. But y’all can’t expect me to change it overnight. In the end it doesn’t actually matter, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned is that people are going to do whatever they want no matter what the hell I say—whether that advice is actually good or not.

      Yeah, I’m resentful of the fact that people only respect what I have to say because of my age. That being said, however, I’m equally if not more resentful of people *disrespecting* what I say and invalidating it because of my age.

      A college sociology class had me on their recommended reading list a while back and I exchanged numerous emails with a woman from that class. She said that while many were impressed by what I had to say, many thought it wasn’t valid because I’m so young. And it really frustrated me.

      1. Yeah, I can see where that would be very frustrating. And it makes little sense. Unless you simply chalk it up to an attempt to shut you down on the basis of something out of your control (your age) since they are unable to counter you with something that IS under their control (their ability to reason). So take it as a victory. You can’t change everyone’s mind, sometimes you have to settle for just winning an argument.

        One minor bit–not going to college is not necessarily a bad sign. Given the cost and the dubious benefits of some majors, it could be a wise choice. Some of the smartest young folks I know took two years at a community college or spent time in the workforce while they figured things out, then went on to a university…or skipped directly to jobs that pay well but did not really require college classes. I would urge everyone to continue their education but college is not only not the only way to do so, for some people it’s not even the best way.

        I think your generation may be the last to see the University system as we have known it. Just not enough bang for the bucks, for too many of the people it is supposed to serve.

  5. My beef with you is the way you sling around terms like “heteronormativity” without a critical analysis of where they come from. That’s buying into the RadFem agenda, whether you agree with it or not. (the first thing lefties do is distort the language)
    The composition of the word makes it sound like a process…something becomes heteronormative.

    “Hetero-” IS the norm.

    And the reason for that is not the patriarchy. It is not God.
    It is biology, and it is history.

    If you want to refute that, then name for me a society that was even 25% homosexual that didn’t collapse in short order. That should be easy enough.

    In the history of the world, mainstreaming deviant behavior has been tried many times before, and it has failed every time.

    This, coming from my perspective as a conservative agnostic.

    As soon as you go off to university, if you keep toying with this destructive SUBCULTURE, it’s going to suck you in. If you ever manage to escape, you will have wasted years, maybe decades of your life.

    Free advice. Take it or not.

    1. My beef with you is that you, and all the rest of you people, are so incredibly hung up on the fact that I used the word heteronormative once.

      While hetero may be the norm (from a biological or even social perspective, take your pick) it is not the only version of *normal* and those who do not conform to our heteronormative standards should not be considered *abnormal,* because they aren’t.

      I appreciate your added perspective and have considered your advice, however I think I’m going to choose to leave it. If you want to talk some more, I’m here.

      1. “…it is not the only version of *normal*…”
        Ah yes, the old “there is no objective truth” line, only competing opinions.
        The problem is, by definition there is only one “norm.” Everything outside of that is, by definition, *abnormal*.
        (please read again how the first thing lefties do is distort the language)

        And don’t try playing word games with the difference between “norm” and “normal.” The former is an abbreviation for the latter.

        But apart from this *seemingly* nitpicky linguistic point (which is actually important), let me explain to you why heterosexuality is the norm…and I promise I won’t invoke God:

        Societies/cultures are the sum of their institutions and practices. These change over time. The practices that work are adopted and conserved. Those practices that do not work are either discarded or the society collapses.
        In this sense, societies are subject to evolutionary pressure. Changes/mutations happen, the environment imposes selection criteria, and the best/most-workable practices are transmitted to future iterations of society. The rest “die out.” This process continues indefinitely.

        Throughout human history, whenever societies adopt bad ideas, they either discard them or collapse (see: Rome, Greece, former Soviet Union and all its satellite countries). Sexual libertine-ism is one such bad idea. I assure you, it has been tried many times before, and in many cases it was tried with much more fervor than our current society espouses. It always fails, because of the process:

        In order to overturn the pre-existing order, it is necessary to undermine standards of behavior…to “normalize” that which was previously “abnormal.” After doing so, there is no logical basis for new standards; nothing that can be said about them that wasn’t said about the pre-existing standards. This leads to no standards at all.
        With no standards, anything goes. Then, you get the quick descent down the slippery slope…gay marriage-> polygamy-> incest-> sex-slavery(?) ->entire generations of socially/psychologically fucked-up kids.
        Society collapses soon after.

        At this point, you no doubt think this is hyperbole. Once again, look at history. It has already happened, and mankind hasn’t gotten any wiser since then.

        I’m not “…so incredibly hung up on the fact that I used the word heteronormative once.” per se. I’m worried that casual use of lefty terms like this signals that you’ve already bought into the lefty way of thinking. And for evidence of that, re-read your second paragraph.

        In the end, argument won’t convince you. You’re going to have to get chewed up by the world before you realize that what I’ve said is true.

        “Mugged by reality,” as it were.

        Good luck.

  6. The lovely Miss Hudson wrote:

    At the age of eighteen or nineteen I hope to be studying Sociology at Columbia [University], far away from my asshole dad and my ambitionless ex. I hope to be dating a nice guy. I hope to be having the time of my life.

    One of us suspects that, if Miss Hudson really is from an upper-middle class family, and can manage the $22,000 tuition alone for Columbia University, her “asshole dad” has a rather significant role in providing that.

    Were I her asshole father, and I read what she had written, I’d tell her, “Fine, if that’s the way you feel about me, you can pay for college your very proud self.

    Oh, and after high school, and turning 18, please, feel free to start supporting yourself. After all, you wouldn’t want to have to live with your ‘asshole dad’ any longer than necessary.”

    1. Alright, you obviously have not taken the time to actually read my posts and get to know me, so I will explain it to you. I live with my MOM and STEPDAD. They own a relatively nice home in an upper-middle-class neighborhood. I do not live with my dad, and in fact have seen him only once, briefly, in the past month and a half.

      My dad is of a far lower socioeconomic status and lives in an apartment building in a shitty neighborhood. Considering he has thus far either been unable to pay or has simply refused to pay for school supplies, dance lessons, anything pertaining to speech and debate, phone bills—anything that has to do with me, really—I think it is safe to assume that he will not be assisting in my college payments. He pays child support because and only because he is legally bound to do so.

      I also find it very telling that you assume my dad is the main provider for me, when that is in fact not at all the case. Once you can actually take the time to get to know me, THEN you can make assumptions about me and talk to me about my future. Until then, get off my website.

      The post in question, for your viewing pleasure, can be found at

      1. When you tell us that you want to get as far away as possible from your “asshole dad,” what is one to think other than you live with him? If you are referring to an absent biological father, then you don’t have to leave home to get away from him; as soon as you turn 18 you’ll have every legal right to decline any parental visitation he has.

        1. I’m sorry that I wasn’t very clear on that. When I said get away from him I honestly meant get away from the city in which he lives.

          He actually has legal rights to see me, but since I’ve decided that being around him is not good for my mental health, he hasn’t decided to exercise those rights. He wants what’s best for me, he just has a twisted way of showing it sometimes.

      2. This is beyond amusing, but also quite typical. Our feminist “social justice warrior” seems to relish in putting down her father who she describes(with obvious contempt I might add)and mostly for being of “far lower socio-economic status”, living in a “shitty neighborhood” and is unable to pay for “dance lessons”. Poor you! I love the way the thin, phony, egalitarian veneer consistently slips off to show a hardcore elitist, and quite frankly, a snob. It also manifests in how you view your peers, especially your ex-boyfriend, whose not good enough for such an ambitious, upper middle class, Columbia bound princess. This is so common amongst upper class liberals, or the New Left, and how far they are from their socialist roots. It’s amazing you can champion international human rights, but then view your perceived inferiors, mainly due to their status, with such contempt. I’m sure you’ll fit in perfectly at the NY Times, Salon, etc. Time for the left to split in two, just like the right did, and separate the uber educated, snot bag, upper middle class, limousine Democrat libs, from the working class, socialist, base. It’s not as if we aren’t seeing how the former has completely destroyed the country, and is fixated on nothing more than trendy social issues that do nothing to help the economy, or foreign policy, and serve only to make rich liberals feel good about themselves.

        1. Alright, first off, I never called myself a social justice warrior. If other people want to call me that then they can go ahead, and I’m not going to stop them because I take it as a compliment. But I’m not some sort of prolific activist; at the end of the day, I’m just a teenage girl sharing her worldview on the internet. I hope to someday make a difference (I want to be an international lawyer in the field of human rights) but for now I’m just figuring things out.

          You seemed to miss the part where he doesn’t contribute to school supplies, or anything else relating to me for that matter. It would be wonderful if he would, say, drive me to a violin competition every once in a while. With the amount of emotional abuse he has put me through, would it be too much to ask that he acts like a parent on occasion?

          And please, notice I say parent and not father. I don’t care if he’s fulfilling his traditional gender role of provider or breadwinner or whatever. What I do care is that he actually steps up and takes some responsibility and is actually there for me, which thus far he as utterly failed to do.

          And to be entirely honest, I’m very resentful of my dad and I am a complete judgemental ass when it comes to him and people who remind me of him, including (especially) my ex. My dad spent his time in college years messing around instead of getting a decent degree, and now can’t find any well-paying work in his field. Since he’s got no other qualifications, he’s stuck where he is at a company that has undergone little to no growth in the past several years.

          I just find it incredibly frustrating, and I think that’s where a lot of my “elitism” comes from—I’m terrified of ending up like my dad and I’m going to do everything in my power to keep myself away from that. That fear obviously tends to get twisted a bit. If this is painting a sad story and you think I’m just some angry teenager who needs to see the light, then hey, maybe you’re right. But I’m really not in the interest of trying to psychoanalyze myself with a stranger on the internet who, with their point having been made, probably doesn’t really care anyways.

          Also, for the record, my dream of attending Columbia will only be made even remotely plausible if I receive a substantial amount of scholarship money—and if my hopes of that seem naive then I don’t know what to tell you. My family has a pretty nice life but we aren’t rich. Unless the school really really wants me, I’m probably not going.

          Lastly, if you want to talk economy or foreign policy with me—which I sort of doubt that you do, since you don’t seem like the type who’d care about a fourteen-year-old’s opinions on these things anyways—then just go ahead and do it. Shoot me an email. I’m always there to talk.

  7. “If other people want to call me [a social justice warrior] then they can go ahead, and I’m not going to stop them because I take it as a compliment.”
    Too bad; it wasn’t meant as a compliment.

    “I hope to someday make a difference (I want to be an international lawyer in the field of human rights) but for now I’m just figuring things out.”
    I have a 23-year old niece who wants to be an international lawyer in the field of human rights. She idolizes Madeleine Albright, for example. She majored in Political Science, and is now unemployed.
    But I’m sure you’ll do much better.

    “And to be entirely honest, I’m very resentful of my dad and I am a complete judgemental [sic] ass when it comes to him and people who remind me of him, including (especially) my ex.”
    Get used to it. You’ll be dating men that remind you of your dad for a long time. Unless you decide to start dating women…who will probably also remind you of your dad.

    “I just find it incredibly frustrating, and I think that’s where a lot of my “elitism” comes from—I’m terrified of ending up like my dad and I’m going to do everything in my power to keep myself away from that.”
    Becoming an international human rights lawyer is not a good first step. Haven’t you heard that law school applications are collapsing? Don’t you think there’s a reason for that?

    1. Okay, buddy, let me put this out simply for you.

      I am happy to discuss and debate with you all you want. I welcome it and I welcome your change of perspective.

      However, if you, whom I assume to be an older adult considering the age of your neice, have nothing better to do than to try (and fail) to crush the dreams of a fourteen year old girl on the internet—then you can get off my website.

  8. you know, if we want to convince an obviously bright young lady that conservatism is the better, smarter path to follow, it would probably greatly increase our chances if some of you weren’t so dickish about it.

    Don;t really see the point in trying to be deliberately snarky. There’s no prize in that cracker jack box.

    One of the things that drove me away from liberalism was going to college. Too many of the liberals, many of them otherwise good people, simply could not deal with treating conservatives as people. My conservative friends did not treat my liberal friends with 1/10 the contempt that they got in return.

    It’s no more attractive seeing it come from my side.

    1. PREACH!

      But actually though, thank you for thinking about this critically. I am happy to engage in discussion and debate, but the second it devolves into an argument is the second I get nasty. If people are hostile (on my own site, nonetheless!) then they should expect to be met with hostility.

      That being said, my respect for the commenters from McCain’s site seems to go down with pretty much every comment I read. So if it seems to anyone (such as yourself) that I’m acting unnecessarily hostile, try not to take it personally. I’m not mad at you per se, I’m more angry at the people who have nothing better to do with their time than to call a fourteen-year-old names from behind a computer screen.

  9. I’m not sure I made my point clearly–I don’t really have much problem with how you have comported yourself here. Some of the comments from my fellow conservatives on the other hand… And, as you say, it’s your blog. At the very least, when people come to someone else’s blog they ought to act as a guest and not shit on the rug.

    Given the provocation from some folks who I dearly hope have more to bring to the table than has thus far been demonstrated, I don’t find your actions hostile at all.

    (As an aside–ran into your comments at thinkingmanszombie…please do not get involved in that kerfuffle. It’s a lot of personal drama involving lawsuits and someone who loves to drag others into their weirdness. It’s a trainwreck one can’t turn away from and you probably have better things to do, unless you can watch from the sidelines with a bag of popcorn and not say anything that might drag you into the quicksand.)

    1. Don’t worry, you made your point perfectly. And I will admit that I’ve been less than kind to some of the people on here. Some ended up catching me at a bad time, others just pissed me off far too much.

      I still find it amusing and astounding that some of these so-called adults have nothing better to do with their time. Did I really make y’all THAT mad that you feel the need to call me these names and say these things to me? (not you, specifically, and honestly not a lot of people. There’s just a few that I really am aggravated by)

      All in all, though, none of the comments were so bad that they didn’t get through my moderation—well, there was one, but I’m not going to talk about it. It wasn’t even particularly mean, it was just someone who obviously sought solely to attack me and didn’t want to actually discuss anything. Not to mention, their attack was annoying and took a lot of stuff I said out of context.

      Oops, I said I wasn’t going to talk about it. 😛

      To be honest, I had a lot of fun sparring with you guys. Blogospheric badminton, as Stacy called it. Thanks for an interesting couple of days (and for all the site traffic!!!)

      (p.s. I’m staying out of that crap. Literally everyone involved, and many people not involved at all, have been telling me to stay out. I’m going to heed their advice. As a teenager without much exposure to social media, staying on the sidelines with a bag of popcorn is not something that I’m not nearly as accustomed to as my peers)

      (p.s.s. You can feel free to stick around. You seem like a relatively non-asshole type of person, and I could use someone added perspective on here. It gets exhausting when everyone’s just agreeing with me all the time 😉 )

      1. Well thank you, that’s sweet. Relatively non-asshole seems a sufficiently low enough bar for me to overcome.

        Don’t worry–when you get to college you’ll find plenty of folks willing to disagree with you! And I got into Columbia so it may not be that hard (went to Washington University in St Louis though, since they offered a better financial deal. Great school, btw.)

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