Advertisements That Made Me Cry

It’s what my friends and I call my “special magical girl time” right now, and everything is making me very very overemotional. I’m too incoherent to be trusted with writing a halfway decent post right now, so here are some sobering, interesting, heartwarming, and/or uplifting advertisements that really did a number on me which I would really like you all to see. All except one are less than two minutes long, so they won’t take long and I hope they brighten your day or get you thinking.

I don’t know if the fact that I’m always apologizing to people has to do with my gender, but this video has made me wonder. I apologize for every little thing, especially when I’m bumping into people or interrupting someone. I just never want to cause conflict. (uplifting, empowering, cute)

Finally, a pad and tampon commercial where the women aren’t wearing white yoga pants and doing ballet. But really though, the little girl in this video is so adorable. I think the current generation of kids has made such huge leaps toward equality that I honestly believe never could have been achieved before. With this new generation (my generation, eek!) we’re getting more and more young people who are deviating from their “old fashioned” families–girls who are seeking their own empowerment, boys who are happy to let girls just be, and young people who are just more accepting of their peers of all different identities. Kids know where it’s at, is what I’m saying. (cute, empowering, thought-provoking)

This video is by Save the Children about a girl growing up in a war-torn country (in an alternate universe where that war-torn country is in Europe). This is, in my opinion, a brilliant promotion which has already gotten people talking and thinking. It kills me to watch every time. Possible trigger warning for violence, and just a general discomfort warning if you, like me, can’t deal with images of crying children. For something a bit more uplifting, watch the video below. (thought-provoking, really really sad)

(I see this as the girl being extracted from her war-torn country, basically. Maybe it’s not as realistic but it makes me feel a little bit better)

I’m really digging Google lately. This Made With Code campaign is absolutely fantastic. It makes me warm and fuzzy inside to see that they’re using the fact that they own all of the internet for good—especially because once they’ve amassed enough of our search history and inevitably announced themselves as our supreme overlords, you just know women will have a high status in Googletopia. (uplifting, inspiring, empowering)

This one bears no relevance to feminism or social justice, it’s just a really, really effective commercial that I want everyone in the world to see because seriously it’s just so sweet oh my goodness.

Although the multi-billion-dollar advertising industry is a product of our consumer culture and a huge part of what’s wrong with Western Society, I think it can sometimes really be used for good and can provoke discussion. Offer your thoughts on these down in the comments 🙂 Hope your Summer is going well so far ❤



Not an advertisement but still worth sharing. You don’t have to watch the whole thing considering it’s fifteen minutes long, but it’s worth it if you’ve got the time. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry when the one kid said “If you want to marry the same sex that’s okay. It’s just like Macklemore said.” and then started singing “Same Love” (starts around 5:07). It was so hilarious and heartwarming—most of the video is. Like I said, kids know where it’s at.



  1. Run like a girl.
    Throw like a girl.
    These have always been compliments in my house.
    We always wanted our daughters to be proud of who they were so,
    ‘Throw like a girl’ was usually followed by something along the lines of, “Kick ass like a girl.”
    Great post!

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