A Beautiful Quote for the Night

“Everyone who terrifies you is sixty-five percent water. And everyone you love is made of stardust, and I know sometimes you cannot even breathe deeply, and the night sky is no home, and you have cried yourself to sleep enough times that you are down to your last two percent, but nothing is infinite, not even loss. You are made of the sea and the stars, and one day you are going to find yourself again.”
-Finn Butler

I’m seeing my dad tomorrow for the first time in a month. My friends will be there; he wouldn’t dare do anything to cause me pain in front of them but I’m still worried. So many other things around me are so wrecked and sometimes it feels like I can’t fix them. Sometimes I wonder if they’re even worth fixing in the first place. I saw this in tumblr and just thought I’d share it. Made me feel a bit better about the things that’ve been going on for me recently.


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