Oh, hey…

Okay, so, before you all go unfollow me in droves, please know I am alive and well and plan on returning to the blog as soon as the spirit moves me. I actually have a bunch of posts fully written out that I just haven’t typed. I’ve just been feeling really really mentally blah lately. I’ve barely been writing at all–not just blog posts, I haven’t really been writing much of anything. I don’t know why. I also haven’t been commenting on or liking anything, because I haven’t been reading much of anything lately either.


I have not abandoned this blog by any stretch of the imagination. I’ll still try to respond to comments should they arise and I still check my email that’s connected to this blog every couple of days. So if anyone needs to contact me please feel free. I’m really sorry about what I think amounts to my longest absence ever. I swear I’ll be back as soon as I stop feeling so shitty.



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