Quote of the Day: Mad Men Edition

Sophia! Sophia! Sophia, watch! Watch this! Don Draper is about to have another brilliant sexist idea!

~my mom to me while watching Mad Men



  1. I wonder what episode that was. I watched all the episodes available on Netflix and it frustrates
    me that I can’t find the last 7 available for free download.

    Perhaps this was the “She marks her man” lipstick ad all the way in Season 1? It could have been something in Season 4, though, probably.

    Don does tend to draw very heavily from his own life for those ads, and he is obviously a pretty sexist man. I mean, the idea behind the show is largely how people lie to each other and sell themselves and everyone around themselves on easy solutions.

    The advertising is a good backdrop for this as it allows Don to sell the same lies to himself and the people who buy the products his company represents simultaneously. And I think The Crash was really the pinnacle of this, where he was so hopped up on those psychotropic drugs he was stealing advertising ideas from the past and baffled everyone he tried to pitch them to because they were literally just his delusions on how to solve his personal problems and had no connection whatever to the product he was supposedly trying to pitch.

    1. As far as I can remember, it was the Belle Jolie episode.

      At first I didn’t really like the show, honestly. It took me almost four seasons to really come around to it. I thought it was too slow and boring and wasn’t really relevant to anything. Of course I was wrong, largely for a lot of the things you mentioned. I love historical fiction more than I’ve ever liked history class. I find that shows and books and movies (and even some video games) are better at portraying the real human element of history much better than a textbook ever could.

      My mom bought the last season on Amazon Instant. It’s the only place I’ve been able to find it at all. Nowhere for free. Sorry!

      1. Well, thanks anyway.

        The show is very slow-paced and I understand why a lot of people find it boring. I’m a very slow-paced introvert who can watch 2001: A Space Odyssey from start to finish without getting bored. (I am not trying to be arrogant about this, as I feel it in many ways harms me in dealing with the extroverts who make up most of the world.) There are a lot of times I’m really involved in the show when I suddenly stop and think about how bored somebody else sitting there watching it with me might be.

        One thing that made me appreciate more is that I always read the Alan Sepinwall review and the A.V. Club review after watching the episode.

        I’m not surprised it took you 4 seasons to get into it because Season 5 is my personal favorite. It has 5 classics in a row (Mystery Date, Signal 30, Far Away Places, At the Codfish Ball, & Lady Lazarus) and my all-time favorite, Commissions and Fees, the ending of which is flawless and makes the themes in the show very clear.

        The Hobo Code is an important episode, though, and I like the A.V. Club’s commentary on that pitch: “Don’s speech to the Belle Jolie guys to get them to accept the pitch is such bullshit, and everybody knows it’s bullshit, but it’s artfully constructed bullshit, so they’re all too happy to go along with it.”

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