A Sophia By Any Other Name Would Be As Bitchy

It seems like everyone I know has got a different nickname for me. Bae, boo, wifey, bff4l, babe, Soph, Sophie, Phia. This one guy I used to know called me the encyclodictionosopher (encyclopedia, dictionary, and philosopher all rolled into one; I loved that nickname because it was tailored specifically to me). Chris called me Professor (because I was the smartest girl he ever dated, ha-ha-freakin-hah).

Laurie and I call each other boo, Anne and I call each other wifey, Violet and I call each other babe, and Cara calls me bff4l (best friend forever 4 life, pronounced biff-FOUR-ill) (well, she used to call me that when we were still close, at least). I get called bae randomly, usually by people I’m not that close with. My parents call me Sophia Bodia, sometimes Bod or Boda as a shortening of that. Teachers, for whatever reason, call me Sophie. People call me Soph when I say something stupid, usually to chastise me. (“Oh, silly Soph.”)

I’ve never understood why girls call each other babe and wifey and boo—we just do. And I love it. Even though I’m obviously not married to Anne, I love being her wifey. I love being called boo and babe and bff4l because I’m needy as hell and it makes me feel loved. These stupid goofy nicknames, as common as they are (yes, I know I am not the only “wifey” or “boo” in the world) are as much a part of me as my own original name.

That’s not to say that boys can’t also, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard a guy call another guy any name besides “bro” or maybe “faggot.” If you ever have heard two boys calling each other boo or hubby, let me know because I’m really curious.

Girls are encouraged to be more affectionate and emotional than boys. I love being allowed to show affection and have feelings. I personally think it sucks for them that boys aren’t allowed to have the same stupid nicknames as we are. That’s why things like the men’s movement exist—yeah, women may be marginilized but at least we’re allowed to be vulnerable. Men have to act invincible and aggressive all the time, and I know it can’t be easy.

This short, poorly-thought-out post didn’t really have much of a point to it—it was just a random collection of thoughts I had—but I am curious about everyone else. What nicknames do people call you, and what do they mean to you? Let me know in the comments, and happy Friday everybody 🙂



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