Please, take as many selfies as you’d like…

This here thingamadoodle (gosh, I love that word) was written in response to the post Generation Selfish on The Very Much Cliched Blog About A Teenage Girl. If you haven’t seen her blog before, you should check it out–I don’t always agree with her on everything, but I feel like this chick and me could be friends. She’s kind of like a less uptight, funnier version of me.

Anyways, I thought what I had to say was pretty dang deep so I decided to post it again here.

I don’t know, but I honestly like selfies. Like, a lot. And I’ll admit to being a pretty selfish and narcissistic person, but I actually like looking through my friends’ selfies. Like the above commenter mentioned, the best way to look good in a picture is to take it yourself. And I love to see my friends, and myself for that matter, looking good and feeling confident (even though no one ever lets me go through their selfies. For real, I think I’m the only person who would let someone else do that). I like having physical photos of my friends, even when they’re just selfies taken on my phone or sent to me–my friends are really important to me and I like to have some evidence of their existence beyond pixels. And if that ends up being a selfie then so be it.

I’m not trying to argue with you on your own site or anything, but I think calling selfies narcissistic is a bit harsh. Vain, yes. But is there anything wrong with a bit of vanity? A lot of people, especially girls, are too insecure to want a picture of them in existence *at all* so I’m always kind of happy when I see people taking pictures of themselves. I think it’s nice. I personally delete all my “fails” after I take them, but I like to keep the really good ones. And, yes, I do go through them sometimes. I like to watch the way I change. Maybe that’s weird, I don’t know.

And just a final thought…think about how many pictures you’ve seen of your great-grandma. Or your great-great-grandma. Or any number of greats, really. In my case, I’ve never met anyone beyond my plain old grandparents, and I’ve never seen pictures either–because those pictures simply don’t exist. They’ve been lost to time or to age or to simple carelessness and I will *never* know what these people look like. I will never have a picture to hold in my hands. And that kills me. So I say, take all the selfies you want; I know I sure will. Because I’m selfish and a bit vain, and I want to be remembered even if it’s just in photos.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Let me know in the comments (or, better yet, comment on the original post!).

(((P.S. The owner of the blog I linked to didn’t ask me to promote her or anything. I just felt like if I was taking content off her blog (even if it was a comment authored by me) that I should give credit where it’s due. She doesn’t even know I’m writing this post.)))


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