Living a Transgender Childhood Signal Boost

As a cisgendered girl who has little experience with issues of gender identity, I did not feel that I was qualified, so to speak, to try and spark any discussion on gender identity. I thought that I would signal-boost this video as a way of, hopefully, opening some peoples’ eyes and helping to get the message out. This video brought me to tears so many times–Josie is a beautiful young girl and her parents seem like amazing, loving people.

There is a potential trigger warning for this video. Josie’s mom describes an incident where Josie was about to mutilate herself in an attempt to get rid of her male reproductive organs. The description is brief and there are no images shown, but it could still easily be triggering. In addition, there’s also discussions of transgendered suicide rates and bullying and things like that–many will need to exercise caution while watching this video, but I hope as many people can see it as possible.

The war down in the comments is…well, insane would be a good way to describe it. You have the religious extremists claiming that putting a child on blockers is “child abuse”, versus the social justice crusaders who have a tendency to get more than a little angry. There doesn’t seem to be much of an in-between–it’s both extreme ends of the spectrum fighting each other. Both sides are getting incredibly heated, and I have to wonder if either side is actually making an impression on the other. But that’s a post for another day.

I understand that the video is twenty minutes long, but I think it’s definitely worth watching.


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