This is why no one takes feminism seriously

So, there is a graphic content warning for this post (but the graphic sections are marked so you can just skip them). I saw this post and was just immediately amazed. I had read the piece this post was responding to (some bullshit by some stupid radfem about how intercourse between a male and female is indisputably rape) and wanted to say something in response to it. But as someone who’s never had sex I didn’t feel qualified or experienced enough to comb through all the awfulness of Stupid Radfem’s post. So here is everything I wishe I could say in response to it as well as much, much more, written by ladyruby07.

Stranger Than Fiction

This is, in actuality, a response to another blog post that one of my *ahem* friends decided I needed to see.

The post can be found here.

Okay, so I can’t hold this in anymore.  And I’m sorry to my readers for some of the graphic things that may be in here.  I’ll try to warn you about them so you can skip them.

Are you crazy?  I mean, have you been diagnosed?  Because this, this is nuts.

For one, I’m not even going to talk about how insulting this is to men.  I mean, this insults your own father.  I don’t know your family history, and you don’t have an “about me” but I’m going to assume you have a mom and a dad like everyone else and that at some point they decided to have a child and that child was you.  So you’re saying your dad…

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