Go Home Search Terms, You’re Drunk


While it’s always nice to see people searching for the actual title of the blog (big self-esteem boost, since it means people are actually actively looking for me) it seems that for every nice search term there’s a billion bad ones. I should’ve known that a post about Shailene Woodley would end up leading a lot of people to stumble upon the blog by accident.

(((like really, can we take a second to appreciate that my blog was somehow found not once, but TWICE by someone searching “shailene woodley tits”? I seriously don’t know if the word tits appears on this site even once.)))

(((also, to anyone who is actively trying to find me, I’m really sorry about the fact that there’s an E missing between please and excuse. By the time I realized my mistake, I already had a few posts up and didn’t really care to make a whole nother blog)))

There’s also numerous occurrences of variations on “sexy teenage girls playing just dance” which I can only assume were triggered by my review of JD2014. Also popular is “Orange is the New Black shower scene” since I did a review of that as well.

My personal favorite search term occured somewhere around Thanksgiving, the ever-memorable “woman fitting turkey up vagina.”

I don’t even understand, since if I enter these terms in Google, my site isn’t on the first page of results (and I don’t care enough to look past that). But really, WordPress, bless you for allowing me to see the search terms people use to find me. The sheer absurdity always brightens my day.


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