To Anyone Who Read my Post “The B-Word”

Okay so the post “The B-Word” (from 2 weeks ago) probably seemed a little weird to anyone who read it. Since I usually post from my phone, sometimes my posts get messed up in transit from app to cyberspace. Most of the time I catch the mistakes within minutes of the post going up, but with this particular post (which has now been taken down) I somehow missed that 60% of the post was left out!

I’ll hopefully have that up later tonight (when I can actually access a computer). Once I’ve got that post up, I’ll put a link to it in this article. Sorry to anybody who read it, since it was probably pretty nonsensical.

In addition, I’ve got another post that I’m working on so expect that sometime within the next couple days.

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies, please stay safe and eat lots of chocolate ❤


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