Not Broken, I Swear (Daily Prompt: Close)

Today’s prompt, for artists, photographers, and poets, was close.

I’m a very vulnerable person but I hate, absolutely hate, showing weakness. Afterward I’m always so embarassed. I always wonder if the person sees me any differently. So, I took today’s prompt to mean close as in a close friend.

There are different friends that I run to in different situations. This time, it was Chris. He didn’t really know how to help, except for to be there for me. It’s been a few days and I think that everything’s gone back to normal—but sometimes, I still don’t even want to look him in the eye. Because I’m worried that since he’s seen me at my most vulnerable, now he can’t see me any other way.

I was going to turn this into a song but I couldn’t quite find the melody. Thank you, Chris, for both the inspiration and the advice. You mean a lot to me (even though you’re probably never going to read this).

Just Bending

This is not the way that you’re supposed to see me
You’re not supposed to know
All of the awful things I really am
And it’s killing me that you have to see me lose my mind like this
And I’m not even asking you to understand

But I don’t even want to look at you anymore
No, I don’t even want you to look me in the eye
Because I’m so scared of what you’re going to find

I’m not broken,
I swear,
I’m just hurting
And sometimes it’s just too much to bear
I’m not broken,
I swear,
I’m just bent,
Just a little
And all I need is for you
To be there

Please, stay close to me



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