Music is…

I love that feeling when a song finally comes together. It doesn’t even have to be particularly good, it’s just a fantastic feeling when everything clicks into place. Like, I love the feeling of seeing (or hearing) this thing that I had only in my head, become real.

I really, really love the sound of string instruments, especially in a song where you wouldn’t expect them. Like the cello part at the beginning of Secrets (by OneRepublic), I love listening to it. There’s this one part of Build God Then We’ll Talk (by Panic at the Disco), a cello solo. I think the cello has this really gorgeous, rich sound.

I love playing the violin. It never stops being interesting; there’s always new things for me to learn. I like sitting back and just listening to the whole orchestra play, listening to the sound of all these different parts coming together. But I also like having my own part in the orchestra. On its own, it might not make much sense, but combined with all the other instruments it creates a masterpiece. It’s this sense of connection, the feeling of being part of a whole, that I’ve never found anywhere else.

Sometimes when I’m listening to a song I’ll pick one specific part to listen to, like the guitar or the drums or whatever. Or if there’s vocal harmonies I’ll try to pull those apart in my head. I love listening to the different parts coming together. I especially like picking out the bass line, because a lot of the time you wouldn’t even notice it but it’s so important to the song.

I have always, always looked up to lyricists. I think I might love song lyrics more than I love conventional prose or poetry. I find the human voice absolutely beautiful, even if the singer isn’t very good. To me, singing symbolizes this sort of joy that can’t really be found anywhere else.

I love contemporary dance set to music. I love that ability to really feel the music on a more visceral level than I would if I was sitting still.

One of the best feelings is finally getting to listen to the song that’s been stuck in my head all day. It’s weirdly fulfilling.

In sixth and seventh grade, I lived to go to orchestra. The orchestra room was like my home away from home. I’ve had the same teacher/conductor for over four years now; I feel like we really have a bond. I have a lot of respect for teachers, but music teachers in particular; I think it takes a truly remarkable and passionate person to really give yourself and your talents like that.

Music is a huge part of me. I know that wherever my life takes me I will always be able to find a few minutes in my day to listen to the song that’s been stuck in my head. No matter where I am, I’ll be able to find the time to pick up my old violin once in a while. I can always hum to myself or tap out a rhythm.

Music is everywhere. Music is in everyone. Music is in everything.

Music will always be my life.


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