Am I Crazy?

I had dance with Cara and Ellie tonight, and while we were sitting in the lobby waiting for class to open up, I just felt…overwhelmed.

I have a huge speech and debate tournament coming up, an endless amount of homework, not to mention dance twice a week and orchestra in the mornings before school. I’m exhausted all the time and it’s starting to really kill me.

So I put my head in my arms and just tried to breath for a second. They probably thought I was insane—I could literally hear them whispering to each other, although I couldn’t hear what they were saying. Then Ellie asked if I was okay and I simply said I don’t know.

I am okay. I’m just exhausted. Incredibly, horribly exhausted. On the bright side, tomorrow’s Friday.

I hope they don’t think I’m crazy.

But I don’t know. Am I?


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