My Top 10 Excuses as to Why I’m DNFing NaNoWriMo

10. I just don’t care enough to finish it.
9. I could finish my book at any time I want to.
8. I’m already like 30,000 words in, and I count that as an accomplishment.
7. I’ve got at least 20,000 more words written in notebooks, on the backs of napkins, and on my iPhone’s notepad. So technically, I did finish NaNo.
6. I don’t have enough support.
5. Life gets in the way.
4. I really am not a big fan of where the story is going.
3. I’m a little too heavy-handed with my feminist messages and that needs to be rectified before I go any further.
2. My MC is a truly horrible person and a sociopath. While this is totally intentional, I don’t think I have the skill at the moment to pull it off.
1. I really love my story, my world, and my characters, and I don’t think a month will do them justice. I really want to do right by this book and November is not the month to do that.

Anyone else participating in NaNoWriMo? What are your thoughts?


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