Happy Hannukah

Despite being atheistic (or agnostic/areligious in my case) my family celebrates Hannukah every year. My great grandma’s family had a dear friend who was killed during the holocaust, and each year we celebrate to honor her and the countless others who lost their lives.

Tonight for the first night of Hannukah, I’m going to my Jewish friend Cara’s house to celebrate with her and her family, along with our friends Ellie and Chloe. We exchange gifts, light our menorahs, eat latkes, and play dreidel. It’s a great time and this’ll be the  second time in as many years that we’ve had our little Hannukah party.

On the last night of Hannukah, my brother, my cousins, and I all go to my grandma’s to celebrate. We play dreidel for chocolate coins. I love seeing the menorah all lit up, and I love the sound of the Hebrew prayers. Since I go to temple with Cara a lot, I actually know what a lot of the words mean and I really enjoy the whole celebration.

To those of you who don’t celebrate Hannukah, please have a wonderful and safe night. To those of you who do: Shabbat shalom!


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