My mom and I were in the car the other morning on the way to school. At a red light, she looked me dead in the eye and asked if I did pot.

I burst out laughing.

“Puh-lease.” I laughed. “No one in their right mind would even offer me pot. I’m such a snitch.”

Eight months ago, toward the end of eighth grade, Lana, Vee, and Anne convinced me to snitch on this boy who showed up to school high, my boyfriend Chris’s best friend. I really didn’t want to do anything without talking to Chris about it. Besides, my family is pro-legalization.

That was the only day I’ve ever let peer pressure to get the better of me. We went to the guidance office and told them all about it.

Chris and I eventually broke up. His friend wasn’t even all that mad at me, but the two of us had been having tensions in our relationship for a while.

It took a long time for me to forgive my friends. To this day, everybody thinks I was the only one who snitched. I didn’t have a whole lot of support for “my” decision, including from my family (not that my family is a bunch of stoners, we’re just super liberal). No one likes a whistleblower. For the few weeks after The Event, it was a constant struggle. Throw my friends under the bus, and maybe shift a little bit of the crippling blame and hatred off of myself? Or protect my friends with my silence, keeping them safe but continue being hated myself, as well as lose Chris?

I’ve regretted my decision to snitch basically every day since. I never did throw my goody-two-shoes friends under the bus, and for that I’m glad. Lana and Vee especially were particularly sweet and innocent, and I honestly don’t know of they would’ve been able to handle the constant hate of half the grade.

Even though I knew I shouldn’t, I blamed Vee and Lana since it was their idea. Vee and I grew apart very quickly after and never really came back together. Chris was pissed off at me and we didn’t talk until a week later, at which point we broke up. The friends of the boy I’d snitched on (a bunch of scary smokers who looked like they could kick my ass in a second) hated me. I blamed Vee for all of it.

Even though this isn’t exactly a typical case of how peer pressure can ruin everything, I’m still pretty wary to accept advice from most of my friends. While snitching is kind of a case-by-case basis type of thing, in general I don’t recommend it. Unless you think the person is a danger to themselves or others, I would just stay out of it.

Then again, who’s going to listen to the snitch’s advice anyways?

Disclaimer: While my family is staunchly pro-legalization, they/we are NOT in support of marijuana (or any substance) being done by anyone under the age of twenty-five, at which point the brain is fully developed. Like all things, we believe it should be used in moderation. I don’t even know if I’m pro-legalization. Still trying to figure that out.


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